The brother to Brig. Abel Kandiho, Head of Chieftancy Military Intelligence (CMI), Mukama Kandiho Moses is a witness in Rwamucyo and Augustin Rwamucyo, suspects of armed robbery.

The Rwandan duo was arrested in Mbarara, Uganda, on 25 May 2018 and held incommunicado until last week when they were produced before the General Court Martial in Makindye, Kampala.

The witness raises suspicion for his brother, Brig. is well known for not sparing Rwandans in Uganda.

As for  those that have followed the cases of Rwamucyo and Rutayisire, the fact that the brother of Abel Kandiho is the main witness against the two, “already raises a serious suspicion that the duo only fell victim to CMI’s ongoing witch-hunt of Rwandan nationals.”

Mukama Moses Kandiho, according to Virunga Post, a Government Internal Security Officer of Ruborogota in Isingiro District alleged that Rwamucyo was involved in a robbery plot.

Kandiho’s brother’s “testimony” (which was submitted in writing, meaning he was unavailable for cross examination by the lawyers of the two Rwandans) was that on 25 May 2018 he was called by Rwamucyo to find him at his hotel in Kikagati, and that upon arrival he found Rwamucyo with Rutayisire.

Kandiho’s brother then alleges that Rwamucyo told him of a mission to “steal one million dollars from some businessman”, and that he said he “required at least two guns but had managed to get one AK 47”. The Rwandan then allegedly asked Mukama Kandiho, “If he could get him a second gun.”

Instead of participating in “the mission”, he alleges, informed the 2nd Division Counter-Intelligence Officer Maj. Mushambo to come and arrest the two Rwandans.

He says Maj. Mushambo’s officers searched Rwamucyo’s car and found the gun. The men were delivered into the hands of CMI for interrogation, meaning torture.

According to relatives of Rwamucyo, on the day he was abducted, he had gone to a bank in Mbarara to deposit forty million shillings. He had called his friend Rutayisire to accompany him since he was carrying a large sum of cash.




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