Commitment to improve learning outcomes in Rwanda impresses UK  MP delegation


A delegation of members of the UK’s Parliament has been impressed by improve learning outcomes in English and Mathematics at lower primary education in Rwanda.

During their visit at one of the school under UK funded program, Building Learning Foundations (BLF), MPs led by Hon Liz McInees were attracted in a way the teacher was engaging learners through some fun activities besides having a big number of pupils.

“I was impressed by how the teacher uses teaching aides to differentiate colours. Even with the big number of children in his class, the teacher managed to engage all pupils in such an amazing way.”Hon Liz McInees said after observation a Primary two English lesson at GS Kibungo, Bugesera

KayijamaheEvariste,  The Head Teacher at GS Kibungo  siad that teachers of English and Mathematics in his school are improving their teaching practice thanks to the self-study tool kits that were provided by Building Learning Foundations.

The visiting delegation is composed of five members of parliament from the House of Lords and the secretariat.

Building Learning Foundations is a programme of Rwanda Education Board that aims to improve learning outcomes for children in Mathematics and English in all 2800 primary schools in Rwanda.

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