Congolese refugees in Rwanda have petitioned the United Nations High Commission for Refugees office in Geneva, Switzerland begging for a help to go back home for they say are harshly treated in Rwanda.

Spyreports broke the story UNHCR received a letter dated January 5, 2018 written by Kiziba refugee camp executive committee in Karongi District.

The letter  seen by this website states that since 1996, they were receiving food rations of 12.5kg of maize, 3.5kg of beans, 0.9 liters of cooking oil, 0.9grms of salt and flour for porridge for every refugee every month.

Contrary to this, they report, since July 2017, the system changed and the food they were receiving was to be given in form of money in dollars whereby each refugee was supposed to get $9 per month for food.

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They say they were surprised that they received 10% discount from 9 dollars in November and December.

Furthermore, we received the worst news from world food program Kigali that the money will further be reduced by 25% in January and February 2018. The letter tells

“Refugees wish to be returned to their homeland or to get any other transit country while waiting for durable solution to this problem instead of dying of hunger in refugee camp.” Committee further explained

“Please get ready for any inconvenience after receiving our request; we would rather die along our repatriation journey instead of dying of hunger, chronicle diseases”. They warned

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The website claims to have received another letter in which the same refugees wrote to UNHCR office in Rwanda asking for repatriation to their homeland in Congo.

Keep posted for the Rwanda government officials in charge’s point of view to this matter.

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