Construction of Rusumo Power plant will not meet deadline


The construction of Rusumo Power plant 80MW power plant, under Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project (RRFHP), will not meet set deadline, ministers in the three countries of Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania.

The officials said the completion is at 47% percent and pointed out that the tunnel had “very” hard rocks, and mentioned it as one of the challenges the contractors faced.

The works were supposed to finish by February 2020. “However, it delayed to start  and there were some challenges in its preparations which means that it won’t be completed on time and has been projected to finish in February 2021,” Gatete explained.

Minister Claver Gatete however, said the progress was impressive, compared to how it was the last time they visited the project.

“We have seen a tremendous progress,” he said adding “ We have seen that the works on the dam are at a good progress, when compared to how it was last time, and at a tunnel that will lead the water to turbines, we have seen that they have managed to overcome the challenges that had occurred, and the basic works on the powerhouse have already been finished; the electro-mechanical activities are going to start”

He added: “Like the President has pledged [in seven-year government programme], 100 percent of residents in Rwanda will have electricity by 2024, that is our target.”

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