Crimes are at the lowest like never before, says Justice Busingye


Minister of Jusitice, Johnston Busingye and Attorney General has said that crimes are relatively low compared to previous years.

Busingye made the remarks on Monday during pass out ceremony of 1342 police officers, at the Police Training School (PTS) Gishari in Rwamagana District.

“Today, security is guaranteed, crimes are at the lowest like never before; this is how it should be and the way of life.” He said

“There’s time when security was at its lowest; crimes against humanity, discrimination and ethnicity were the definition of work and governance in our country. The unity, security, peace, and development we have today were achieved at a cost of sacrifice, putting lives on the line and patriotism.” He added

“To Police officers graduating today, a lot is expected from you to supplement this journey of defining the safety and dignity of our country through teamwork and partnership with other Police officers and Rwandans to fight and prevent crimes,” Minister Busingye reminded new officers.

According to Busingye, police have   to serve their country well warning them of engaging in any malpractice that tarnish the image of RNP.

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