Dakar Forum: AU to silence weapons by 2020


The first of Dakar Forum was marked by the debate between the heads of state and senior officials of institutions present.On the big stage, Moussa Faki Mahamat was the first to speak The Chair of the African Union Commission, has set the bar very high. “Africa has set itself a particularly ambitious goal: to silence weapons by 2020.” RFI

His speech disappeared, the president of Mali, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, was indeed forced to improvise. For 20 minutes, he told his daily life as head of state. “I assure you that every time I call, I worry: what am I going to learn yet? Our environment today is very difficult. ”

The Dakar Forum brings together 800 stakeholders, political actors, experts, researchers, members of civil society, and wants to be an informal place to discuss security issues.

Financing up to 700,000 euros from this Forum, Japan represented by Deputy Foreign Minister Massa Issa Sato, reminded that at the United Nations, the African problems are evoked daily. But that Africa is not important enough. “There are no permanent African members on the Security Council. This historical injustice will have to be corrected”, he insisted.

Macky Sall, perhaps the most incisive, calls for a strengthening of the mandate of the Minusma, recalling that the mandates of the UN peacekeeping forces were inadequate and calling for solidarity on a global scale. “Terrorism and its causes must be treated everywhere with the same determination,” he said.

As long as there is an area of ​​vulnerability, we will all continue to be exposed to the threat. ” Senegal is one of the largest contributors of men in UN peacekeeping operations. The Senegalese head of state has once again called for a strengthened mandate of the Minsusma. “We must not be choosy: we can not with flowers welcome or solve problems in the Sahel,” he said.

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“We still need a lot of discussion at the level of the permanent members of the Security Council because it is the Security Council that makes resolutions and gives mandates to the forces deployed in the field,” said Mahamat Saleh Annadif, head of the UN mission in Mali.

At the United Nations, there is already work to develop the Minusma on the ground, as said Jean-Pierre Lacroix, the deputy secretary-general in charge of peacekeeping operations at the UN. “We have an operational challenge: to make sure that we are less vulnerable to these attacks. This involves strengthening the means, the addition of certain capabilities that we have not yet, at least not enough. And then, a constant effort of training, respect of good practices to avoid these victims who are unfortunately far too many. ”

For Jean-Pierre Lacroix, there is no risk that the Minusma and the G5 Sahel will eventually become duplicates. According to him, these two forces will be complementary.

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