Assylum seekers from Eritrea have demonstrated in front of Rwanda embassy in Israel short after they were told they will have to leave Israel for Rwanda otherwise they will be incarcerated at Saharonim Prison indefinitely.

Haartez,an Israel based website broke the story that one of them Molugeta, a 23-year-old asylum-seeker from Eritrea, said he will neither go to Rwanda nor Saharonim because he was for the first time granted the asylum.

“I can’t go to Saharonim and I can’t go to Rwanda” Molugeta  claimed during 15 minutes videotaped  interview

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Rwanda is not good now. My friends went there and everyone ran away to somewhere else. Everyone says the place is not good.” He added

Molugeta said he will stay in prison as faux de mieu since he cannot return to his native country whereby he was forced to serve  indefinite military.

Overall,Rwanda government via permanent secretary to the ministry of foreign affairs,Olivier  Nduhungirehe has recently denied any existence of  agreement between Israel and Rwanda concerning the expulsion of asylum seekers from Israel.

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