Details of how Rwandan- Russia based diplomat’son died falling from 21st floor


Rwanda’s Embassy to Russia First Secretary’son, Nicolas Karagire,18, has died after falling from 21st floor.

The incident according to Russia based newspapers, took place on Wednesday after noon local time.

Nicolas died Wednesday afternoon, between 1pm and 2 pm. He walked out through the window from the 21st floor. If he had done that himself or someone had “helped” him is not 100 percent clear at the moment,” Our source who preferred anonymity to speak freely said

What is known for sure currently is that he was not at home the time when the incident happened. Where his wife was is not clear. Assumedly, as she states it, she was out. When the police came, they found out an opened bottle of vodka, partly
empty.” our source added

According to our source, neighbors told the police that two days before incident, Nicolas had come home very drunk and made a debauch at the entrance way so that many people from other apartments could hear it.

Rwandan State Minister in Charge of Foreign Affairs, Olivier Nduhungirehe told today the burial will took place in Rwanda.

“We received the sad news. He [Nicolas] will be buried in Rwanda.” He said

Meanwhile, investigation has started to establish the cause of the incident.

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