French Monthly Magazine “XXI” reveals France provided weapons to the perpetrators who had participated in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

In the issue to be published this Wednesday, French journalist Patrick de Saint-Exupéry claims to have obtained the proof that an order has been given for rearming the killers at the time they were routed by the RPF armies.

And he pointed to the former French minister Hubert Védrine, who at the time was secretary general of former France President François Mitterrand.

The article is based on the confidences of a senior official, a man of whom nothing is known except that he had access to the archives on Rwanda in 2014, when President François Hollande was planning to declassify them.

The information that this senior official would have discovered was so sensitive that it was not finally declassified. According to the magazine XXI, the witnessing archive has several documents concerning soldiers who wanted to withdraw from serving national army after failing to respect the orders.

Then a note recalling that it was necessary to stick to the decisions, which is to say according to the review to rearm the Hutus who fled the progression of the RPF of Paul Kagame to take refuge in Zaire.

According to the official, the note was signed by Hubert Védrine, the then secretary-general of the presidency.

However, the article does reveal when the documents were made, and the journalist readily admits that he has not seen it, but that he trusts its source.

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A former soldier involved in the French Operation Turquoise told RFI about these deliveries: he explains that in early July, after the genocide, he was asked to distract journalists from his military base on Time to let a convoy of weapons pass to the Congolese border.

Hubert Védrine is yet to comment such claims on the documents while Paul Quilès, who headed the parliamentary mission on Rwanda, said he never saw such documents, when questioned about the reliability of this high-ranking official whose name remains unknown.

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