Dr. Kayumba blames Rwanda National Police “it beats Rwandans every day and kills some”


A Senior Lecturer at the University of Rwanda Dr. Kayumba has put blame on Rwanda National Police saying they mistreat people instead of guarding them.

According to his twitter account Kayumba says he has recently faced mistreatment by police forces in prison.

“Few weeks ago, u kept me in jail for 10 days. That’s a fact. To release me, you asked me to pay 500,000 Rwanda francs! Why? U still give orders 2 prosecutors? Police leadership is the problem. I know tomorrow you send individuals 2 take me; IGP is problem; I know” he said

“Police has no respect for Rwandans nor does it treat them with respect. It does what it wants & treats citizens with contempt. I know it. I have seen people beaten.I have seen them in prison refused pple to go to the toilet. And I have seen the police pretend to work for us; zero” he adds

Kayumba claims he has witnessed the same treatment to other people adding “No, RNP isn’t accountable to Rwandans’; it beats them every day and kills some. Personally, police has beaten me and even refused my family to visit me or bring food to me! Those jokes are meant for foreigners; not Rwandans”

Replying to his complaints, as for Rwanda National Police twitter account, it says RNP is accountable to all people living in Rwanda and anyone with complaint shall approach other institutions for a help.

“ If you felt any kind of injustice or crime committed by police service men during the act, please approach the police inspectorate (07883111400) or other competent offices of Ombdsman or RIB”

Further, Kayumba cleared out RNP leadership “primitivity” is the source of all mistreatments to the people of Rwanda.

“Rwanda Police is fine; but its leadership is a primitive. They have been looking for fault against me since 2012. Their policy is one of “we shall show you who we are” I’m not alone. They have prisons. They have handcuffs. But they will never imprison every Rwandan or handcuff them”

The twitter clashes come on hills with the RNP claims that yesterday it got Kayumba’s car impounded due to drunken driving, allegations that he fully denied.

As of today, RNP according to its twitter account, they are making sure Kayumba is punished for his statements.

“Dr Kayumba is a habitual drunkard and nuisance to the public. Police will seek that he is brought to order, period. No apologies. He cannot tarnish the image of the Police with impunity. He can go around saying whatever he wants”

Dr. Christopher Kayumba is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Rwanda, School of Journalism and communication (SJC). He has has been lecturing at the same institution since 2003

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