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Prof. Silas Lwakabamba who was the Rector of University of Kibungo  (UNIK/ former -INATEK) resigned for his personal matter, as he was unable to rich the objectives that he promised to UNIK. The news was released earlier this Friday 22nd September 2017. He was an expensive expert with favoritism and divisionist ideology.

Prof Lwakabamba started in UNIK on 1st October 2015, he promised to renew the university educational system and the UNIK agreed to pay him expensively an amount of 4,250,000rwf a month as it is confirmed by the interviewee of The UNIK also paid an amount of 600,000rwf for accommodation.

The source says “He promised us the miracles but after two years, we concluded that he did not do anything”.

Apart from the high salary Prof Lwakabamba earned, he recruited a Tanzanian woman to work as an advisor with a net pay of  4,000 dollars equivalent to 3,400,000rwfs.

Within her working contract with UNIK, it was enclosed that she could be paid depending on the income of the work. But Lwakabamba did not stand on this and he started to pay her while the income was zero.

Struggle to deviate UNIK ownership

Lwakabamba and the Tanzanian woman started to register UNIK as a Company. The UNIK did know the situation but Prof Lwakabamba, the Tanzanian and Korean wanted to deviate the UNIK ownership as a company.

The UNIK knew this info and inform responsible to make a follow up. Lwakabamba was stopped and warned

The leaders of this University assert that this is the cause of his dismissal. They held some confidential meetings to separate the Tutsi and Hutu in the UNIK, where he was accused of genocide ideology with The Tanzanian.

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The evidence was given to Lwakabamba but he did not react anymore and replied that it was their own conflicts or conflicts between him and his vice.

The same case occurred when the made the list to promote some workers to the level of directors. On this list the lower salary was 750,000frw per month. This generated conflicts among workers of the UNIK because the lecturer was paid 500,00rwf while in finance they were paid 800,000rwf.

In UNIK under the Lwakabamaba, 8 workers who were complaining were chassed and they were not for Lwakabamba’s side.

During genocide memorial of Tutsi 1994 in Kibungo sector this year,  the situation of genocide ideology was demonstrated publically. In this ceremony Prof. Jean Pierre Dusingizemungu, the president of Ibuka, and Vice Rector of UNIK explained that this evidence was in UNIK and gave an example of one of the leaders of this University who was around.

Lwakabamba resigned on his personal matter

This morning, while interviewed by Radio Flash, Prof. Lwakabamba said that he was fed up to work in UNIK without improvement. He added that he was appointed to improve the quality of education in UNIK and due to the leaders of this University he could not succeed.

During this period of two years Lwakabamba planned to recruit many students but their vices remain unconcerned.

He denies that the cause of resignation was linked genocide ideology in this University and confirms: “Those are totally untrue. There is no truth in it at all.”

Prof. Lwakabamba Silas Lwakabamba was born and educated in Tanzania. He went to the University of Leeds in England where he studied engineering, graduating with a BSc in 1971 and a PhD in 1975. He subsequently returned to Tanzania where he joined the staff of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Dar-es-Salaam. He attained his professorship in 1981, and later became Dean of the faculty. In 1997, Silas Lwakabamba became the founding Rector of Rwanda’s Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, and in 2006, he was appointed the Rector of the National University of Rwanda, the largest public institution of higher learning in the country. He occupied this position until his appointment in February 2013 as Minister of Infrastructure in the Cabinet of the Rwandan government, then Minister of Education since July 2014 until June 24, 2015.  He resigned on the day of 8th graduation ceremony in UNIK.

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