The leader of the Muslim community Sheikh Salim Hitimana warns Rwanda Muslims to eradicate radicalism and terrorism related thinking as the duo crimes step up in the country among Islam practitioners.

In his remark of Eid Mubarak celebrations today at Stade de Kigali located at Nyamirambo, he urges parents to stand for terrorism related crimes which becomes prevalent in the country.

“Parents need to discern whatever their children are doing; it is part of their duties to know where their children spend time to be able to avert bad behaviours”.

Sheikh Salim said the investigation over the suspects is crucial to eradicate such related crimes.

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Recently, Police confirmed six people linked with terrorism in Rusizi district had been sensitizing Islamic radicalisation and extremism and three of them were shot dead, trying to escape police in the early dawn of 19 August 2016.

The suspect said they do not comply with one who conceals the truth of Islam, kafirs; as everyone has to join Islam religion’.

Eid mubarak is an Arabic greeting meaning ‘blessed Eid’ or “blessed celebration”. Muslims wish each other ‘Eid mubarak’ after performing the Eid Ul-Adha prayer and may also hug each other three times.

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Théogène U


  1. specific instance of being intensely terrified of young people, sometimes caused by carelessness of parents. So all parents not only Muslims, need to control what their children are dealing with in their free time. They have also to teach and show them impacts of being a terror and terrorism in general on the development of the country.


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