RPF flag bearer Paul Kagame is positive and confident that victory will be on his side as presidential elections campaigns kick off on Friday July 14th 2017.

The inaugural Presidential Campaign rally for the RPF Chairman in Ruhango District site, his home base, was shaped by a warm welcome from hundred thousands of RPF supporters cheering as they welcome Kagame as he was going to kick start his bid to a fresh term.

Kagame thanked the RPF and its members expressing his pride on the ruling party which bears credit to have been at centre stage of bringing unity to the nation.

He said, “: I thank RPF and its members for the trust you have put in me. I owe my candidacy to your support. We may have different views but we are all united by being Rwandans and building our country”

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With confidence, Kagame said, “it is not bad to predict the result from elections and failing to predict what the results will be would be a lie”

“I came here to ask you whether you are still determined to continue our referendum path that you started yourself. Our aim is to multiply our achievements, give our children the kind of education that allows them to build their future,” he further vows.

Different political parties came to support Kagame. They include Liberal Party (PL), Parti Social Democrate (PSD), Centrist Democratic Party (PDC), Ideal Democratic Party (PDI), and Party for Solidarity and Progress (PSP), Party for Progress and Concord (PPC), Democratic Union of the Rwanda People (UDPR) and Rwanda Socialist Party (PSR).

Kagame thanked the political parties for their support and their sacrifice to take their time to back him during the elections campaigns.

He said, “I thank all the parties who are supporting RPF as we work to build the Rwanda we all want”

He once again talked of foreign critics on elections, underlining that the country should not be blamed for doing what is right for Rwandans.

He said, “They blame us for having elections with a clear favored winner and call it undemocratic. Our history and context is unique. We have to be proud of who we are and do what is right for us”

“Pretending not to know the will expressed by the people during the referendum would be a lie, not democracy. You can choose not to hear the truth but you cannot deny what your eyes show you here today. Critics are meaningless when you are on the right path. Our role is to continue working to transform our nation,” he added.

Kagame’s bid will build on the RPF’s Manifesto, which include empowering Rwandans, continue on the path of progress, sustain opportunities for the youth, preserve women’s dignity and uphold Unity, democracy and development” to build together the country Rwandans want.

Kagame shifted his campaign to Nyanza where a lot of people are on alert for a chat with the ruling party’s camdidate.

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