Evariste launched RCPN for heart treatment  acknowledgment


Munyensanga Evariste, a 29 Rwandan bare his acknowledgment to Rwandan government and Healing Hearts Northwest; USA based cordial medical team for their treatment by introducing Rwanda cardiac patients network (RCPN) to support post cardiac surgery survivors.

In exclusive conversation with said he has nearly reached the end of his life before the government of Rwanda abetted him to get abroad heart surgery, the action took place in America.

“First of all, my almighty God; secondly I appreciate government of Rwanda and its frontrunner HE Paul Kagame for good relationship with other countries. it was for it, doctors from USA immerged to Rwanda”, he said as well as thanking ministry of health and King Faysal Hospital for their host since 2008 up to April 2011 he got healed.

In 2011 Munyensanga Evariste, a former College of Business and Economics student met a USA based health team, Healing Hearts Northwest for heart surgery which had long prohibited him from studying.

At the time he was 23 years old, he was enrolled in college but was bed ridden, very sick, even he was not able to attend classes, because he had problem of shortness of breath, tidiness,   legs swollen, joints pain and headache had very little energy, suffered from constant headaches and could walk only short distances because of his shortness of breath.

Evariste with Dr. Hal Gordberg (Cardiologist from Healing Hearts Northwest (HHNW)

Evariste’s special acknowledgement to Rwandan government and Healing Hearts Northwest revealed through introduction of Rwanda based heart treatment center, “Rwanda cardiac patients Network” to help post heart surgery survivors.

Together with another post-surgery patient (Team Heart 2008), Jean Paul IYAMUREMYE, Evariste works with the Rwandan Cardiac Patient Network.  This is a network of the 612 (to date) patients in Rwanda who have had cardiac surgery.

Evariste together with Digital Opportunities Technology (DOT), Rwanda coach them and their families by working with them to come up with a treatment plan that is unique and workable for their particular situations, He also works as a project manager for a micro finance program started by Team Heart (Boston) to help post-surgery patients survive.

Apart from financial fund shortage, the major challenge is that the public is not yet well informed about Cardiac diseases especially Rheumatic Heart disease which is preventable.

The message to public young and old, men and women; if you are diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Diseases, RHD and need to take BPG penicillin, make this your first priority. Whenever possible, make sure that you get this medication to save your life. We need more RHD programmes to make sure BPG is accessible for everyone. “But finally I want to share a message of hope”.

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