Family worried as President Museveni keeps silence on Gen  Kayihura’s fate


Family and relatives  of detained Gen Kale Kayihura has fallen into confusion due to the silence of President Museveni on the fate of  their member.

A close associate of Gen Kayihura told Chimpreports  “We all don’t understand what the President will do about this case. Kayihura was so loyal to him, irrespective of many of his mistakes.”

“We have sent emissaries to the President to show mercy since Kayihura was being targeted by his enemies. But the president gave us an impression that Kayihura was in safe hands and that authorities were doing their job.” The source added

It also became clear to Kayihura’s family that the army was more or less providing custodial services for other agencies to have access to the detainee.

Meanwhile, little is known about the president’s next step yet  prosecuting Kayihura, a serving UPDF General, would need the endorsement of the Commander-in-chief, Gen Museveni.

Gen Kayihura was on June 13 put under detention at Makindye Military Barracks in Kampala.

The military later issued a statement, saying it was “questioning” the former presidential military assistant.

Fred Masengesho Rugira/

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