Defense Minister Gen. James Kabarebe recalls that Interahamwe militia’s wrong doings during the Genocide against Tutsi are still a matter why they are in a world of contractions at the Congolese jungles where they exiled from their crimes.

Gen. Kabarebe said this during the 23rd commemoration of Genocide against the Tutsi held at Bisesero Genocide Memorial, currently in Karongi District on April 9th 2017.

He said that although Interahamwe militia failed to attempt to come back in Rwanda to repeat a fresh Genocide, they are still pushing to mobilize Genocide ideology among people.

He said, “it is 23 years on since they refused to come back due to only one thing, which is the crime they committed in keeping mobilizing Genocide ideology and killing people. That is what has kept them in the forest for a long while”

He added, “Their divisionism has become like a virus in their body and they started to fight each other after dividing themselves and war started between those from Nduga and Bakiga respectively”

For Gen. Kabarebe, he says that once they fight until they kill each other because these wars, they will at least think of coming back in Rwanda.

“The day they will clean up each other in those Congolese forests, the same day they will think to back in Rwanda to continue the Genocide. You can’t waste your time on it, you cannot have such kind of understanding and expect to achieve something, impossible”.

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The militia’s back up providers are still supporting them

Gen Kabarebe says foreigners who have been supporting the extremists’ government to prepare and put into action the Genocide, still have the same mission of providing support to them in a plan which he says was not set just in 1994, but before.

He said, “the people who were working closely with murderers were foreigners, these French, started it all before, they have been involved in Genocide ideology lobbying and have played a big role in putting the Genocide into action. Even during the liberation battle since 1990 they took part in fighting RPF-Inkotanyi troops”.

He said that they kept fighting Inkotanyi until 1993 but, in the end, they failed the battle, “I remember the attacks held in Byumba in 1992. They joined the then Habyarimana’s national defense army but they failed and escaped, these were the forces which succeeded because we were fighting with ambition”.

When Inkotanyi troops were fighting to protect Rwandans, to liberate their country, Gen. Kabarebe still wonders what French troops were fighting for, “what was French really fighting for?  It is normal that when you fight for a wrong opponent, no matter how powerful you are, you cannot succeed”.

He says that a result from the fight only saw Interahamwe escape to the forests in Congo, and their sponsors are still behind them, lobbying Genocide ideology; but warns that they will do nothing because their stronger opponent is still around, waiting.

Government officials view on current Interahamwe and FDLR’ power.

Former RDF spokesperson, Brig Gen Joseph Nzabamwita, told a local radio that, “ FDLR are there only to talk(…),they are not powerful at all,” calling all Rwandans to work with all security departments by spreading information  for good and effective security”.

During a press conference in October 2015, Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Minister Louise Mushikiwabo has underlined that in terms of military means, “FDLR is not a threat to the government of Rwanda”.

She said, “I am positive FDLR should not be a threat in terms of military operations, we are only two (Rwanda and DRC) that is not a problem which can last longer, it is a simple problem to address”.

She added that, “FDLR is home to a big number of tricks, and they are Genocidal political tricks which are not surrendering the defeat”.

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On May 05th 2016, while commemorating at Mudende and Kanzenze Sectors of Rubavi District, Minister Gen. Kabarebe also talked back about FPLR’s power and said, “ a big number of them escaped but still a few cross around stealing people’s properties. But it is a matter of time to finish their case.”

In a statement released by the government  of DR Congo’ spokesperson Lambert Mende, not over 400 FDLR rebels are still around, refugees exclusive who fled to both Northern and Southern Kivu.

Mende announced such a number while MONUSCO’s report states that the rebels who are still in the Congolese forests are between 1300 and 1500.

It is reported that they are disappearing as time goes by while there were over 10 000 since their arrival in DR Congo’s forests.

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