First Lady Jeannette Kagame hails public to empower young girls


Rwandan First Lady Jeannette Kagame has challenged parents, leaders and young girls to own up a new programme that seeks to equip young girls with skills to help them exercise their social, economic and health rights if they are to become future parents and leaders of the country. She said during the third lunch of the ‘12+ programme’.

During yesterday’s monthly community work, commonly known as ‘Umuganda’ and the launch of the third year of the “12+ programme conducted Rulindo district; the First Lady mentioned that there are 490 safe spaces where young girls converge every weekend to discuss their values.

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Their discussions concerned with the importance of hygiene and learning how to start and maintain a kitchen garden, to saving money and understanding sexual and reproductive health among other essential topics.

Before the launch of the third year of the programme, the First Lady and government officials joined the Rulindo community in Umuganda (communal work), where they planted trees and included environmental protection activities at Groupe Scolaire Shyorongi.

Young Girls demonstrating what they have learned

“Having the vision for a better life starts early. As parents, we wish you to become children with vision, so that you become real parents and future leaders of this nation,” she told the young girls.

The programme which is now in its third year, is a ten month long health, economic, leadership and social assets development approach for girls, at that key pre-puberty age range of 10-12 years old.

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It adopts an innovative approach to delivering empowerment with an emphasis on communication and mentorship in local locations commonly known as ‘safe spaces’. These safe spaces are located in classrooms or district offices; that are safe for the girls to share and learn diverse topics with the help of their mentors.

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