Deputy Chamber President Donatille Mukabalisa has consoled Genocide survivors in Bugesera District, Ntarama Sector, and promised them that Rwanda’s legal status stands against anyone who tempts to give people dehumanizing names, especially Genocide survivors.

She said this while addressing her speech when she joined residents in Bugesera to commemorate the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi at Ntarama Genocide Memorial.

She said, “You no longer need to worry about being called names snakes and other evil names because we all have one name as ‘Rwandans’ thanks to good governance fighting for unity”

She insists the current unity among Rwandans is giving them strength to find solutions to their problems, especially the consequences of Genocide against the Tutsi.

She said, “Those who brought us evil things already know that they failed, that they can no longer pull Rwandans even a step backwards, except the heart full of ideology and denial of the Genocide in which they were involved”

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She called on those who lost their families during the Tutsi Genocide to put the past behind and fight to live a wealthy and happy life thanks good governance being exercised in the country.

Hon Mukabalisa also urged residents to provide information to reveal Tutsi bodies which are yet to be buried, so that the country can bury them with honor.

Before the Genocide against the Tutsi, Ntarama was a Catholic central Church which was attached to Nyamata Catholic Parish.

When the Genocide began, the Tutsi who were able to escape from Interahamwe militias attacks would immediately flee to the Church since April 9th, 1994, but after only a week, on April 15th, the then National army and Interahamwe militia attacked the church and killed over 5000 Tutsi who fled there using modern weapons like guns and Grenades, and traditional weapons like logs and machetes among many others.

The ones who managed to survive these attacks fled to hide in CND [a special name invented by Interahamwe after 600 RPF-Inkotanyi troops were deployed to the CND when they were on duty to protect RPF Diplomats after Arusha Agreements]

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