Four more individuals wanted in Diane Rwigara’s case


High Court in Kigali  says more people are wanted to be tried with Diane Rwigara for conspiring to incite insurrection.

A judge made the request as the trial of the Rwigaras resume in Kigali yesterday on Monday. However, the defendants’ lawyers argued that the request, if granted, would delay the trial, The East African broke the story

.The four individuals were identified as Ms Tabitha Mugenzi, an aunt of Diane who resides in Toronto, Canada, Mr Xaverine Mukangarambe and Mr Jean Paul Turayishimiye in the US and Mr Edmund Musheija in Belgium.

The prosecution said the suspected crimes were committed jointly by all the six, hence the need to be tried together.

In several Whatsapp audios leaked to the press last year, Diane’s mother is heard speaking with individuals, who the prosecution said were the four.

Meanwhile, it is not clear how the Kigali court would the four to appear for trial, or whether it would seek their deportation from their host countries.

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