French Guillaume Ancel claims he received several intimidating messages shortly after exclusive interview with Jeune Afrique April 2014 regarding France’s red hand in genocide against Tutsi in 1994.

Besides threats, Guillaume Ancel is launching a book titled”Rwanda, la fin du silence”at La Belle Lettres library on 16 March concerning all activities of French troops in operation called “Zone Turquoise” in 1994

He noted to have been told to respect to ‘La Loi du silence’ i.e Rule of silence.

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In his book, Ancel plans to clear out how he carried out his mission from 25 June 25, 1994 to August 5, 1994

“It required me to write again my experiences in 1994 to let it never get erased” he told Jeune Afrique

Guillaume Ancel is the first France national to break the silence against what happened during Operation Zone Turquoise in Rwanda for he says French pretended to stop massacre while supporting ruling regime of that time.

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