France opens hearing in appeal of much awaited ‘genocide masterminds’ case


Paris Assize Court in France today opens the hearing of appeal in one of the much awaited genocide masterminds cases namely  Octavien Ngenzi and Tito Barahira.

KT Press broke the story the hearing is slated to take place from May 2nd to July 6th, 2018. Both Ngenzi and Barahira were sentenced in first instance to life imprisonment over genocide crimes and crimes against humanity two years ago.

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“Let’s hope that this trial can take place in serenity and dignity” he wrote,Alain Gauthier, President of the CPCR and a holder of medal of friends of Rwanda.

“The experience of the previous three trials has shown us that this was not always the case, witnesses from Rwanda were not protected from the defense,” he reminded

It is expected Alexandre Bourgeot will defend Tito Barahira while Fabrice Epstein and Chouai will lead defense for Ngenzi. Also, this trial may reveal some key information in the genocide planning and execution has some important events to note.

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The case of these former Bourgmesters of Commune Kabarondo between 1977 and 1994 was opened in May 2016 where they were accused of giving orders to kill more than 3500 Tutsi that had sought refuge at Kabarondo Parish, crimes against humanity, intent to exterminate the mass and intent to exterminate the Tutsi.

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