The Paris Court of Appeal will recompress this November 8, 2017 Father Wenceslas Munyeshyaka, accused of committing genocide crimes perpetrated against the Tutsi of Rwanda in 1994 to the Catholic Church of Holy Family in the city center of Kigali of which he was the pastor.

He is the only priest who was walking around the hips with a bullet-proof armor during the period of genocide. He was long cited for taking part in the summary executions of thousands of Tutsi refugees in his parish and for raping women.

His criminal record has been investigated for more than fifteen years by the ICTR-Arusha (International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda) which has handed over to France for the prosecution that has been delayed for no reason proving that France is in no hurry to try genocide criminals of Rwandan Tutsi who are legion in the country.

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In the meantime, Prosecution witnesses in the case disappear one by one. this is the case of the widow of genocide alone Ms. Rose Lwanga dead there is little. However, this did not prevent in 2015 the judges of instruction Emmanuel Ducos and Claude Choquet not to make appear before the judge this presumed génocidaire arguing that they will not have found sufficient evidence of the commission of the crime.

It was then that the lawyers of the civil party which Mr. Gilles Paruelle, had then appealed, which call, two years later will be examined this Wednesday, November 8, 2017 according the Figarro.

These lawyers of the civil party will explain to the Court all the behavior and actions, weapons on the hip, anti-bullet vest, rapes … of this abbot during the 1994 Tutsi genocide, something that was not done. in the first place.

All these clues of the crime show his complicity with the Interahamwe who each time burst into the parish court where thousands of Tutsi had taken refuge to take them and kill them a few meters from the parish.

On the basis of these clues provided by the civil party, the Court will decide or not the trial of this alleged genocide who has strong support including that of the archbishop of his diocese.

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