Gakenke: Mistaken ID issue to be addressed by mid-June


New electronic National Identity cards encounter different errors like date of birth, misspelling on their names, sex and other numerous mistakes. This is a big concern to residents of Gakenke district of northern Rwanda, as they are heading to presidential elections. Officials vow to adrdress this issue as soon as possible.

Residents in Gakenke District can now feel relieved as they were assured that their Identity Cards which have been made with a number of errors about their identification.

This may result to being disqualified from accessing their right to vote ahead of the upcoming presidential elections slated for August 4 on residents living in Rwanda and August 3rd for the Diaspora people.

Evariste Bizimana, 18, is a Senior Five student who lives in Kivuruga Sector. He holds an Identity Card whose mistakes indicates that he is female, and was also made with only one nameinstead of two.

“I have an incomplete ID and I went to the sector offices but the Civil Status Officer told me to go straight to the National Identification Agency (NIDA) for a help as they could not do anything about it. But, in reality, getting to the NIDA offices in Kigali is another problem besides being a student” he said.

Bizimana says he shares the same problem with his schoolmates and suggests any other positive alternative should be applied to facilitate them get corrected IDs in order to successfully appear on the voting list.


However, Jean Bosco Nkurunziza, the Executive Secretary of Kivuruga Sector said, that the sector administration is planning to tour different schools around to help students and youth in general, who have such issues that could ban them from voting and assured that they no longer need to go to NIDA but should come to the sector to have their IDs corrected.

He said, “We have a busy staff in the civil status department as we have a tough task to help people get required documents. The case of youth who struggle to get their IDs corrected has been happening, recently, but at the moment as we are edging closer to elections, we no longer wish to let a burden on them letting them going to NIDA offices but, instead, the sector civil status officer will make sure everyone gets IDs corrected at his office, I hope the issue will have already been addressed by June 15th

Of 18 980 residents living in Kivuruga Sector, 12 850 are already registered and allowed to vote at the upcoming presidential elections slated for August 4th.

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By Fred Irakoze

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