Gakenke: Citizens claim participation in policy process


Residents in Gakenke District have no clue about back to back district’s failures to be among the best leading the district to almost book the last spot in terms of contract performances. They claim their participation in public planning should be boldly considered to improve from mediocrity after Gakenke suffered in last term performance ranking coming 27th overall.

Marie Nyirandikubwimana , a resident from Mataba sector,  wonders why their district comes last, yet citizens give whatever the district  demands from them.

“They requested us to establish a book for performance contracts, we have it, to the extent that the citizens of our Sector Mataba about 95% paid health insurance, and we strictly abide to all performance contracts that are directly connected to us, how can always our district be on the last position?”

Moreover, some of the residents from Mataba say they lack electricity, while the power line passes nearby their houses, as pointed out by Ntakirutimana Emmanuel.

” Hearing over the radio that Gakenke became last shames much, as if we signed for that position with God, we don’t understand the reason we always come last”, said Ntakirutimana.

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He requested the Gakenke district administration to share the performance contracts they sign with the President, so as to make them involved, having known what has been successful, and what was not , instead of assuming that they know them, whereas  they are not aware about the existing problems.

“We want our leaders to take more time to solve existing problems the population encounter, as well as informing us about what they do , rather than going to Kigali to show case it before the President without our knowledge, while we are ones concerned”.

RGB speaks out

Saraphina Sifa, an employee at Rwanda Governance Board suggests that going back to the grassroots citizens, and listen  up to their suggestions and claims is a significant proof of  good governance, which subsequently play an important role to the national development.

She says, ”  leaders should get to their people on field solve their problems, instead of staying in the offices waiting for their complaints and claims”

The occasion is a community dialogue on citizen participation in performance contracts ( e.g: IMIHIGO) and other respective aspects of policy making towards sustainable development at their homegrown places held in both Busengo and Mataba sectors of Gakenke district, organized by Rwanda Governance Board in collaboration with OXFAM.

The aim of the dialogue aimed at involving citizens especially women, youth, men and the local leaders to contribute to  poor planning and monitoring by strengthening the use of citizen’s platforms to express themselves in policy decision making.

It also aimed at strengthening the capacity of local leaders on how to collect regular feedback from citizen perceptions on their participation in the planning, budgeting, implementation and monitoring process of their own development activities.

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