Last Friday, Jonas Shema Executive Secretary of Bumbogo Sector, promised publically payments of VUP arrears. Complaining workers get frustrated with his disappointing character, while expecting the money this Tuesday, they were locked up, instead.

TV One reported that people were really frustrated, saying that they haven’t been paid during the last five half months. They were paid for only two fifteenths among seven they worked for during VUP works.

They also claim that they are facing pay-cuts on their payments where they get Rwfs 7000 pay-cut on 21000.

The workers were working in 21 groups, with 40 workers in each group. They worked the down road to Musave center, road to cell office, and of Kiriza, towards Kinyinya.

During their money complaints, Shema would appear to insult them as ‘street people’, ‘indigenous’, ‘ miserable’, that they can do nothing even if they are given a lot more money.

However, he told TV One that he didn’t insult the workers, and explained the reason of non-payment: many public holidays and ICT-based issues which they are fixing, but says that they would get all their payment arrears on Tuesday.

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But, in the end, when they went back to the Sector office to get their money as Shema promised them, those from Musave cell were told to go back because their payrolls documents were not available. Only those from Nyagasozi cell would get paid one fifteen among five. They were not satisfied either.

One of them said, “What can I do with one fifteenth while I have plenty of debts, and children need go back to school?”

When the media reached, sector officials immediately locked up the workers who were complaining of the payments, while Jonas Shema took his car for a ride away.

One woman complain accompanied by her S6 daughter who could not go back to school due to not paying first term school fees. She is waiting her mother gets paid so pay school fees. It was all in vain, and fears she could drop out school, while she is a candidate, because her mother doesn’t get money she expected.

The mother Jeannine is sad and says, “This daughter of mine cannot leave her little brothers and sisters home to go to school alone. Last time I begged the school officials to be patient for payment delay, but I don’t get money yet, we are not getting paid. Kids’ hair is not dressed, and have no shoes […]”

Jonas Shema, sector executive secretary does not even pick the phone to talk more about the issue, although he admitted payment today, according to the interview with TV One.

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