Gen. Muntu unaware of RPA liberation war to Rwanda due to Museveni


There are claims that President Museveni kept secrets from Gen. Muntu who was army commander from 1989 to 1998 to the extent he was unaware  of  RPF plans to start a liberation war to Rwanda in 1990s.

Chimpreports broke the story that Muntu had no knowledge about how Mbarara Town was turned into the ‘operations base’ of the RPF Activities.

Mbarara was a store of food for the RPF army, Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) and even the trucks used to supply logistics and recruits were also repaired from this town without knowledge of army chief.

“Mbarara was the RPF guerillas’ rear base. But Muntu was kept out of this. He had limited knowledge about RPF operations,” a veteran told the website. understands former ISO chief Brig Ronnie Balya, who was a low ranking security officer in the 1990s, helped coordinate the RPF war from western Uganda.

Further, it will be recalled how retired Maj Gen Jim Muhwezi and Gen Kale Kayihura were equally influential in helping the RPA in their plans of returning in their motherland.

“Muntu was an army commander but he really didn’t fully appreciate what was going on because he was never a man of action. He was laid back and no one wished to see him in this operation,” another veteran told the self claimed investigative website.

Former army officers who worked with Muntu say he is principled, disciplined and cherishes honesty.

“The problem is he never gets the job done. That’s why Museveni always had his juniors do the job. Museveni had to reappoint Gen Saleh as the overseer of the military’s operations across the country even after dismissing him as army commander,” an army veteran revealed.

In 1988, Museveni fronted the idea of appointing Gen Muntu as Minister of State for Defence. However, Muntu chose to quit, citing Museveni’s decision to stay in power and joined Museveni’s NRM opposition party, Forum for Democratic Change in 2012

In September 2018, General Muntu parted ways with the FDC citing ideological differences with the new FDC leadership of Hon.Patrick Oboi Amuriat.

On 27/09/2018 he announced in a televised press conference that he and some other leaders had began what he called The New Formation.

He served as the Commander of the Army from 1989 to 1998.

Meanwhile, Museveni has often denied he was aware of RPF liberation war plan to Rwanda when asked.







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