Grievances as Rubavu locals told to relocate without full expropriation payment


Rubavu District locals of outskirts to the Rubavu airport to be have raised complaints of local government decision of relocating them without full payment of expropriation fees.

These locals say they have not yet fully received all expropriation fees despite the fact that leaders are requesting to relocate only within ten days.

Addressing the press, one of them Jeanne Mukamurigo says they were paid little amount for the first time and reveal she could not manage to build another house.

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Locals suggest government to adding four month for the expropriation not to be disorganized.

Rubavu Vice Mayor in charge of Development and Economy, Janvier Murenzi argued the expropriation concerns 212 who were fully paid expropriation fees while others 97 may consult district officials for further explanations.

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