“HOT FM” Managing Director risks being sued by unpaid journalists


The journalists who worked for the radio station ‘HOT FM’ on frequencies 103.6 claim their unpaid wages near their Director General.

While these journalists claim to have signed written and verbal employment contracts, their leader Kelvin Katuramu closes his ears.

In an exclusive telephone interview with, some journalists reported that their salaries remained unpaid and that they plan to file a complaint with the legal authorities in order to receive their respective salaries.

In his speech, journalist Dieudonné Niyonsenga  said: “I started working at HOT FM in February 2017, Mr Kevin owe me more than a million Rwandan francs I remember since my arrival at Hot fm he had paid me only Fr 200,000′.

Dieudonné reports “Many times I asked Kelvin to give me my salary he made me bad promises saying” bizaza “in English ‘ it will come’ (your little salires)”.

These journalists in position of wage claim, these professionals of the media also let us know that they plan to deposit their grievances near the institution RMC (Rwanda Media Commission) which is in charge of their protection.

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After a month and a half of work, Patrick Niyomushumba had noticed so early that Kelvin did not want to honor the monthly payment contract as well as the advertising percentage. Patrick then said “Having found the dishonesty of this man I decided to stop the job until further notice.”

For more precision spoke with Katuramu Kelvin the owner of the radio station ‘Hot FM’, he said: “If these journalists really feel guilty that they go to complain within the Commission in charge of labour’.

With regard to the complaint of these journalists in the legal entities, Mr. Kelvin said that he cannot answer a justice of the fact that he was not summoned “.

Kelvin continued by saying that he does not have any debts from these famous journalists but on the contrary he explained that among these journalists there is one who stole a microphone at the studio and that he already has warned the national police.

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