Kigali: The role and lives of children in urban environment


In order to better understand and explain to readers about the lives of children in urban areas in Rwanda the website spoke to two children living in two separate districts.

Nathalie Umunyana,  is a  high school student  in the SOS complex in the Gasabo District and MUGABO Zachée of the Kimisange School Group of the Kicukiro District Are you given a flow in the planning of the construction of your city?

Munyana Nathalie: I have never had a chance to advance my ideas but I think there are my friends who take care of it.

Mugabo: I have never had an opportunity to give my point of view on how I would like to see my own city. Are you satisfied with the way your environment is protected?

UMUNYANA: We are a little satisfied … Okay! We play our part because we contribute to community work by planting trees in our school gardens.

MUGABO: We are aware of the protection of biodiversity because it is the source of our life. Will you access the places of recreation where you can escape after school?

MUNYANA: We have good natures and gardens, so that we can relax.

MUGABO: We are external after school we go home and the rest we manage to relax. Give you suggestions to the authorities regarding innovation in your city!

MUNYANA: We are often invited to meetings organized by grassroots bodies, and we take this moment to put forward our ideas that we would like to see our cities.And all our suggestions relate to everything that can be done to improve our living conditions. We often advocate that our basic rights be respected by focusing especially on road safety when we have to cross roads, mental health by promoting dignified places for digitized recreation. I am optimistic that the government is doing a good job because today we are walking even during the night without any problem due to the proliferation of electricity.

MUGABO: Since the government began to initiate children to give their ambitions on the country’s overall development we continue to think positively about the future of our cities Is there any segregation or inequality in your surroundings?

MUNYANA: There is no segregation based on gender or social class; we are all equal because we exchange amicably.

And our teachers give us the same opportunities and at home our parents encourage us to the same.

MUGABO: There are no injustices within our generation as children because we study and we share games with girls. Do you enjoy moments of rest; leisure and walks?

MUNYANA: At the boarding school we live in good conditions on average because we have a balanced diet because everyone has their bed and supernet areas.

As for the walks we access them in a structured way by the school rules and here it depends, there are times where we are given permission to walk in groups once the quarter.

MUGABO: We play at school and we relax on weekends only to finally prepare the Dominican prayer.

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