I have seen 40 Rwandans wounded, in severe pain in Makindye barracks- witness


Moses Gakwerere, a Rwandan living in Kigali who was kidnapped in Uganda has revealed only Makindye military barracks holds 40 Rwandans in pain, hunger and wounds.

Gakwerere told TNT that he has seen Rwandans living in agony and helpless.

“ (…) They took everything I had, I was left barefooted and half-naked and they put me in another vehicle, took me to another military barracks which I also came to know was Makindye military barracks where I found many other Rwandans – about 40 of them—they told me how they were beaten at Kireka and left for dead. Some of them couldn’t stand, others had severe and uncovered wounds,they were in severe pain and hungry.”

Gakwerere says he’s the first Rwandan to be released from the CMI torture chambers at Makindye.

Meanwhile, the government’s advisory against travelling to Uganda because their security is not guaranteed in that country.

Recently, Kagame told TZA Rwanda even begged Uganda to provide its citizens in court of law if they have cases to answer in vain.

Uganda denies allegations of kidnapping and torturing Rwandans citing those arrested are threats to her security.






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