I hope to win legislative election, Mpayimana


Philippe Mpayimana, looser private candidate in last Presidential elections of August, is ready to run for parliament seat.

In the announcement on his website, Mpayimana says “I contacted Rwandans who live in France to acknowledge their contribution during presidential election because I over 5% of votes from the Diaspora group”’

‘‘I also consider that participating in my country progress is an added value for me, I want to inform them that I will struggle in legislative elections to work for my country for the last year. I would like to request your contribution and show again your participation. ‘’

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After all, no Rwandan will be called a refugee wherever he/she is. Mpayimana who was a private candidate, lost at 0.73% of vote followed by Dr Frank Habineza of Democratic Green Party whereas the winner Paul Kagame got more than 98%.

Till now the Rwanda Election Commission has not yet published the date of legislative elections headed in 2018.

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Zacharia Murekezi

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