I was a coach with no contract, no salary, no full bonus, Says  Olivier Karekezi


Former Rayon sports Head coach Olivier Karekezi has revealed why he resigned being Rayon Sports’ Head Coach

An open letter dated March 7, 2018 reads he has been doing his job without contract from November 2017 no salary and no full bonus

“I continued to coach with no contract, no salary and no full bonus. Every month had to fight to receive my salary” the letter tells

Part of Karekezi’s letter

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I still have not received my salary for February “he mentions

In conclusion, Karekezi says “I am very sorry I cannot work like that” by accusing Committee to have not showed any support or encouragement since December 2017.

Karekezi left Rwanda to Belgium due to family matters coincidently quitting his job.

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Fred Masengesho Rugira/Bwiza.com

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