Important sites of massacres of Tutsi and RPA military operations to stop the Genocide, April 1994


Maj. Gen. Paul Kagame, the then chief of defense staff of FPR-Inkotanyi military wing declared the war against the genocidal government as the Arusha Peace Accord was no longer applicable.

The troops of FPR- Inkotanyi arrived in Kigali, Paul Kagame informed UNAMIR that he was going to send a contingent to operate together with government forces to stop the massacres carried out by the presidential guard. RPF troops started offensives in the town of Kigali, vowing to stop the Genocide, the sooner possible.

French and Belgian troops started the operation to take back home Europeans who were in Rwanda. They respectively called it “Amaryllis operation” and “Silver Back”.

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Kigali city: Interahamwe militiamen and the presidential guard troops killed the Tutsi who had sought refuge at Nyamirambo: Karoli Lwanga parish, Home of Josephits brothers and in Collège St André.

Eastern Province: Tutsi who had fled to Mwiri at the Nyawera hill (in Kayonza district) were killed. On   8th, 14th and 25th April 1994, the Tutsi who had sought refuge at the parish of Ruhuha in Bugesera district were killed.

Northen Province: RPF troops revamped offensives in areas of Byumba and Ruhengeri to stop the Genocide that was being perpetrated against the Tutsi. When Col. Ephrem Setako ordered Interahamwe to kill the Tutsi of Kinigi, RPF troops arrived there at the same day and managed to rescue a few Tutsi who had not yet been killed.

Massacres of Tutsi also took place in Bukeri (commune of Ndusu) at Mukungwa river towards Vunga,  at the offices of Busengo sub prefecture.

Southern Province: Tutsi who had sought refuge at Mata tea factory in Nyaruguru district were all killed.

Western Province: Since 8th April 1994, several Tutsi tried to flee to Zaïre (todays’ Democratic republic of Congo). The Interahamwe militia used to intercept them and gather them at Rusura in Bugeshi sector and then kill them.

There were massacres targeting only Tutsi Commune of Rutsiro in Kibuye prefecture, at the hill of Kesho in Rubaya (Ngororero), Kavumu and its surroundings (the former commune of Ramba now in Ngororero), and in Shyira hospital in Gisenyi prefecture, currently Nyabihu district.

Killers did not respect churches, as around 5000 Tutsi who had sought refuge at the Adventists’ churches in Cyambara/Bigogwe Mudende and Bweramana, in Mudende Adventist University (all in Gisenyi) were killed. There were massacres of Tutsi who had sought refuge at ADPR Kabumba, in Gisenyi.

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