Eritrean demonstrators chanted “Refugees, not infiltrators” outside of the Rwandan Embassy in Herzilya on January 22, 2018. (Melanie Lidman/Times of Israel)

El al Aviation Authority pilots through Facebook posts have denied participating in the government’s mass deportation of 3800 African asylum seekers to Rwanda or Uganda.

The refusal is shortly after these pilots received 7500 calls suggesting not to participate in the deportation “and send the refugees to a place where their lives are in danger” according to the Zazim rights NGO, which organized the campaign.

Among them, There is Iddo Elad who posted” “fly refugees to their death”.

“I have joined my friends in this and I will not fly refugees to their death. I will not participate in this barbarism”

Another pilot, Shaul Betzer, took to Facebook Sunday to write that “as a pilot and as a human being” there is “absolutely no way I can take part in transporting refugees to a place where their chances of survival are slim to none.”

Their colleague Yoel Piterbarg, highlighted the Jewish obligation to care for refugees. “Let the refugees remain and be taken care of as human beings, just like the Jews were once refugees, wanting to be cared for rather than be thrown out,” he wrote last Thursday.

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He added that asylum seekers should not be expelled “like stray dogs back to their countries, where suffering, rape of women and girls, and agonizing death awaits them.”

Timesofisrael has learnt Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said these Africans who are living in Israel illegally are not legitimate refugees or asylum seekers, but instead are economic migrants.

Meanwhile,Government of Rwanda and Uganda denied  the deal to host African migrants even though Rwanda declares the door is open for refugees.

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