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Israel plans to carry out the deportation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender asylum seekers (LGBT) in Rwanda and Uganda.

The Jerusalem Post broke the story The Population, Immigration and Border Authority claims LGBT are not count as part of an excluded group of people who would not be deported – such as women and children.

“LGBT people are not part of the groups excluded [from deportation],” a Border Authority spokesperson said. “Each case will be examined on its merits.”

In Uganda, it’s illegal – “against the law of nature” – to be LGBT and this may put the deported migrants in harm’s way.

In Rwanda, the legal situation is murkier but there are recorded instances of harassment, physical abuse and arbitrary arrests, said Shira Kupfer, adjunct professor and head of a program for LGBT refugees and asylum seekers coordinator by The Aguda – LGBT Task Force.

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“If you deport LGBT refugees to one of these countries, you’re putting them at danger to them, to their lives,” Kupfer told the website

.Israel intends to forcibly deport a majority of the 40,000 migrants from Sudan and Eritrea to third countries. If they do not agree, the government plans to imprison them for good.

On other hand,both countries have denied any agreement with Israel government regarding asylum seekers.Rwanda has declared to deal with  the matter in accordance with international law
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