Jiggers are our heredity, Rubavu residents say


Residents of Rubavu District claim jiggers are like their heredity for they set all measures to overcome them in vain.

Parents told KT Press they have failed to overcome this problem for they remove jiggers erupt after a short period of time of removing them in the body especially for kids.

“We solve this matter yet still it is there after few days, what can we call it? It is heredity” adding that parents are responsible of jiggers existence.

“Sometimes children escape from their parent’s sight and join streets, there is no hygiene there and parents had better take care of their children hygiene”

District Vice-Mayor in Charge of Social Affairs Marie Grace Uwampayizina says existence of jiggers is a result of temporary measures set by parents to halt this matter.

“It is widely said Jiggers are mainly caused by dirty. We need to strengthen hygiene habits everywhere”

Jiggers not only flourish in Rubavu but also in Kayonza District whereby about 100 primary School kids were reportedly facing this problem.

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