The genocide survivors from Kabarondo sector request the government of Rwanda and other supporters, to intervene in reparations seeking process aiming the two ex-leaders of former Kabarondo district, Tito Barahira and Octavien Ngenzi, which were sentenced to life imprisonment, after being found guilty of crime of genocide and crime against humanity in appeal trial by the Paris assize court on July 6, 2018.

Some of them were afraid in case the court of Paris might not do well and pronounce a verdict of not guilty for the genocide perpetrators according to what the relationship of two countries used to be. But when they heard the decision some praised God with arms up.

Even if nothing can replace the lives of their loved ones, who were massacred viciously during the genocide against Tutsi, or repair their humanity lost physically and morally, they think that if they get reparations from the two offenders who were at the base of all that odd happened to them the justice will be complete.

Francoise Gahimana, an average woman around 50 years old who survived twice, the killings at Kabarondo parish and again at health center. She was left with serious consequences, she even stutters. Gahimana said that she is happy at least for the condemnation of two genocide perpetrators, she added that it would have been a shame if they were not found guilty. She said “they massacred Rwandans; they must take responsibility and be exemplary punished.”

The young man Justin Ndizeye who was 11 years old when the genocide occurred and lost many of his family members, said that he liked the decision made by the court of Paris to imprison for life two men Barahira and Ngenzi, according to what they did for the people of Kabarondo he found that punishment is for them.

But Ndizeye think that being imprisoned is not that enough for these two; their properties must repay what they damaged during genocide at least, and be amended for the sake of Rwanda as a country and all Rwandans. He said that they are going to start a process of reparations seeking but that they need the government to help them with all means.

“They destructed us, we lost our people and our properties.” Said Gratia Mukakayonga, a widow from genocide about 60 years old in Kabura cell, Kabarondo sector. Mukakayonga added “we are not going to chase after them like they did to us during genocide but their belongings have to reimburse what they damaged.” She said that if they get reparations even if they will not get back their lost life, at least they can afford to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Call for intervention

Survivors from Kabarondo sector are willing to seek for reparations, since now they have proof of conviction for two defendants. But many of them are vulnerables, some are widows with no financial means, they don’t even know how to start with the procedure, they are requesting for the government intervention to advise them legally and help them financially.

Christine Muteteri is a widow from genocide, who was among witnesses in both trials at Paris. She said that now they are going to start reparations seeking process, but as she described where she stays at Kabura cell, Kabarondo sector, in their village only one old man and another young man live there, others are just vulnerable widows, many of them are not even educated. She calls for help from all and anyone who is willing to help, especially from the government of Rwanda.

The president of Ibuka in Kabarondo sector Mr. Theoneste Harerimana confirms that they will seek for reparations. For people who were left with disabilities, for the lost families, for the destroyed properties, he says that nothing can replace the lives of lost ones but at least they have to keep living.

Harerimana said that they are going to approach the local government administration and talk about how to proceed reparations seeking.

Francine Andrew Mukase


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