Kagame: A President that most of Africans wish him to be their leader


Achievements and credits of President Kagame as a constructive personality of a country have gone beyond African borders where his secret to rebuilding Rwanda has led him to     being attributed by a big number of Africans until they wish to have a leader who makes a way for his country like him in their respective countries, as it was emphasized by Jean Baptiste Placca, a journalist at Radio France Internationale (RFI), while talking to his colleague Magali Lagrange.

Magali introduced a radio programme underlining that back to back strikes held by teachers in different countries reflect that education sector, like health, is overlooked by some African governments while the two sectors are the most influential to their respective countries’ economic growth in the future.

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Jean Baptiste said that in different terror rebels like Boko Haram and others, all experts say that most militants who are in these rebels are not educated enough.

Like in Africa and Europe, most people used in terror attacks are mainly either unemployed or street people.

It is said that promoting education in different sectors of development can completely lead to preventing people joining terror rebels where they get full strength. Education can be a key strategy to abolish this.

He gave an example saying that the reason why most of Africans who visited Rwanda were surprised by the way they saw the country. He said that Rwandan authorities make sure that the country’s citizens have health insurance and access to education, something which makes Rwanand people feel free to play a big part in the country’s economy and this give President Kagame the pride that other African leaders are missing.

Magali asked his colleague whether Kagame is really famous as they say, and he replied talking about how amazing it is depending on how he stole the hearts of not only his citizens but also others’ from different parts of the world where most of fellow presidents take him like an elite leader till, despite being against his rule system, different rights organizations fear he could rule the country for the rest of his life.

In May 2015, a group of African Development Bank, in their annual summit, including one held in Kigali whose theme was ‘African leadership we want’. At that time, the name ‘Kagame’ was repeatedly referred to while talking about what to do about a certain issue, and Kagame, himself, while in the summit, was reminding the summit participants what Africans should stop.

Asked if Kagame is the only perfect and complete African leader, that everyone can take an example, Magali admits that there are others like Obasanjo who once ruled most of his speeches, Obasanjo could be heard saying one word ‘Africa we Want’: injustice-free Africa, Africa that provides opportunities to the youth and women, before saying anything at different meetings and summits.

Another example is Thabo Mbeki, former South Africa President, who added that Africa should no longer be home to conflicts, killings, wars, poverty and corruption.

It is said that Obasanjo was insisting that leadership that can’t prepare future for the country’s citizens, which has no vision, is not leadership at all.

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He underlined that Africa has a number of complete leaders, but yet the number is looking too small and Mo Ibrahim immediately said, feeling sorry for those who would not be happy of what he was going to say, saying a leader aged above 90 years, and still searching for yet another term, shouls ‘give a way to young leaders’.

What does Kagame say about leadership?

President Kagame says Africans waste most of their time talking about leadership, explaining the form of leadership needed and waste time talking about problems, asking himself, ‘ but how do we appear to do so we can do what is due to be done to make the continent bright? So our citizens feel good?’

Thabo Mbeki made it clear that African leaders, between them, have no sense of will and this lead them to avoid telling the truth between them. He said, “he fear to tell each other the truth, the fear tell one another, like ‘Hey, Mr President, you’re not behaving well!’ if this can’t stop happening and try to change it, we will still ask ourselves the kind of leadership Africa deserves”

As a reminder, back to when Burundi fell into political crisis, Kagame once asked why President Nkurunziza want to remain on the rule whereas his citizens were doing whatever possible to show him that they do not want him resulting to being considered as the country’s enemy.

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