Since a Rwandan born Catholic priest, Thomas Nahimana, who planned to return to Rwanda to register an opposition party and run for president in 2017 was barred from boarding a flight to Kigali in November; yesterday president Kagame had his say on the fact he was prohibited from entering the native country.

President Paul Kagame while speaking at the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) party political bureau, Kagame wondered why Nahimana had been refused entry.

‘If there are crimes Nahimana stands accused, he should have been let into the country so he can be held accountable,’ said Kagame.

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The President said he does not comprehend the fact that someone being sought by the judiciary can be barred from entering the country simply because they think he could intoxicate people with the genocide ideology that he so openly preaches.

President Paul Kagame while speaking at the RPF political bureau meeting

For President Kagame though, there was no need of keeping Nahimana away. The controversial catholic priest-turned politician who was blocked in Kenya from boarding plane to Rwanda should have been let through, according to him.

“As a Rwandan, Nahimana should not be prevented from entering the country despite the fact that he carried a foreign passport,” said Kagame, in reference to the French passport Nahimana holds.

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Priest Thomas Nahimana has been living in France for past 11 years. In 2013, he formed a political grouping ISHEMA after he had been dismissed from the Catholic Church.

On November 23, he surfaced at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi-Kenya with a tourist visa seeking to travel to Kigali but lately he and his group returned to Europe after they had been refused entry.

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