President Kagame with counterparts Museveni at the event

Rwanda’s president  Kagame and counterparts Yoweli Kaguta of Uganda, Felix Tshisekedi of DRC are holding a meeting on invitation of Angola’s  João Lourenço.

According to Angola’s Ministry of External Relations, the security and regional matters will be put on the table for discussions.

“ President João Lourenço has invited for a Quadripartite Summit this Friday  in Luanda, the Presidents of the DRC, Félix Tshisekedi; of Rwanda, Paul Kagame and of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni. Security and regional matters will be at the centre of the Summit.”Angolan Ministry of External Relations wrote on Twitter

Withour revealing how long the meeting will last, they said it will be hold tomorrow in Luanda.

This comes after the unresolved Rwanda -Uganda conflict and DRC being a perennial land for proxy wars.

It also  comes after Presidents Tshisekedi of DRC, Kagame of Rwanda and  Lourenco of Angola signed a tripartite agreement in May to fight &chase rebels from DRC

According to analyst, Dr Christopher Kayumba, this meeting is timely.




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