Kagame on  secret to Rwanda’s progress


Rwanda’s President has revealed the secret behind country progress is due to working together with others.

Kagame made the revelation on Tuesday afternoon at the Parliament where he held an interactive discussion with young African Social Media influencers and journalists ahead of the 25th Liberation Day.

Commenting on the secret to Rwanda’s progress, Kagame said the secret lies in knowing that ‘whatever you get will be on the basis of your efforts combined with others effort’.

He stressed that the country has always tried to balance resources and what it can do with those resources whereby domestic revenues have been rising very fast while the country has gotten money and assistance in terms of development assistance.

“Everything has been in an upward trend. I think so far so good. The challenge we have is that of the flow of resources. We get resources, but it’s always never enough as you always need more to do even more to consolidate the gains we have made,” said Kagame.

“I don’t think we have made enough progress. We have to keep doing more and better. There should never be a point where we feel like we have arrived. Keep going, even when you are doing well, always be worried about something: either of doing more or be worried that what you have achieved can slide back. That’s our philosophy. It’s a daily thing,” he added.

The Head of State reminded that Rwanda has made commendable development in terms of growing its economy due to different prudent measures taken over the past 25 years and observed that there should never be a point where Rwandans feel like they have arrived because achievements need to be consolidated.

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