President Paul Kagame on Thursday urged residents and leaders in both Nyabihu and Musanze Districts to ensure security and warned those intending to attack Rwanda saying they will reap consequences.

Kagame delivered the message at Busogo Stadium in Musanze where thousands of residents from both districts gathered for a warm welcome.

While assuring citizens that the country was secure, the head of state added that security is a key pillar for development.

He reminded the residents that they need to keep their communities safe, underlining that “tourists don’t go to unsafe places”.

“Our security is where we draw a red line; whoever crosses this line will face consequences. You should not allow anyone from inside or outside the country to jeopardize our security.” he said.

The remarks come on heels with recent reports that rebels have captured a part of Nyungwe, a natural forest located in South- Western Rwanda.

There are also threats from neighbouring countries that are reportedly working closely with opposition to topple Rwanda Government.





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