Rwanda’s President Kagame according to reports,  received a letter from counterpart, Yoweli Museveni of Uganda following bilateral tensions since last previous two years.

The letter according to The Eastafrican, was delivered by Uganda’s Foreign Minister, Sam Kutesa on 3rd July this year.

The details of the letter are still unknown but as for famous newspapers in East Africa, the meeting between both parties lasted two hours.

Museveni also penned a letter to Kagame in March last year letting the latter that he met with Rwandan dissidents including RNC’S Charlotte Mukankusi and Eugene Gasana, Former UN Representative who lives in exile.

It is alleged; Kutesa received the feedback on the very day.

Analysts say the message is related to the deteriorated ties between Rwanda and Uganda.

The former accuses the latter of supporting dissidents and the latter accuses the former of espionage. Each party vehemently denies allegations.





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