Dr Venant Ntabomvura/ photo:The Chronicles

University of Rwanda (UR) first student to be registered, Dr Venant Ntabomvura says who President Kagame is.

In a longish exclusive interview with The Chronicles, Ntabomvura, former minister and devout catholic said Kagame  is Angel Michael in his view.

“Kagame to me is Angel Michael. He triumphed over evil. We saw soldiers coming and thought the situation was headed for the worst, but instead peace has reigned. Another thing is that he has a gift of seeing ahead. He is a visionary, he is able to see things before they happen,” he said

Am not undermining past leaders,because each had their ways. However, they rotated around the present situation at that time. For Kagame, he has the gift of looking ahead. He added

Ntabomvura ,93, said he hates politics. He, however has been involved in misunderstanding with former Rwandan President, Gregoire Kayibanda.

“Of course we were known to each other until he suspended me. My history is too long! I was nearly jailed. At that time there was a tense political situation.

I was directed to hold political meetings in which I was to promote the notion that that politicians who were against President Kayibanda were planning to kill him and replace him. I said “No”, I rejected.

As for politics, I was not interested and I hated it completely. He said

Dr Ntabomvura has now retired, living in Kabuhuzu village, Ruturo cell, Kibirizi sector of Gisagara district Southern Province – where he has lived from the time he began working decades ago.








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