President Kagame has said that Rwanda’s transformational journey was only to try to go herself.

Kagame shared the story yesterday at Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Forum bringing together over 5,000 entrepreneurs from across Africa.

He said that the first thing the country had to deal with was the mindset of its people.

“We had to find ways of making sure that Rwandans understand that they have to be there for themselves. That goes for other Africans I’m sure. We have to do our part. Even if we get the assistance we use it to make sure that we strengthen ourselves& then build on that,” Kagame said.

Kagame explained that Rwandans had to create a vision of how to move forward to achieve prosperity.

“It starts with us. We said: Rwandans, it starts with us. How much have we done, how much have we invested in ourselves for skills, for knowledge and how much time we take to do things that we know we must do and not wait for anybody else to come and do it,” he noted

Kagame said what follows if you invested in skills and in infrastructure, is doing business, entrepreneurship, people’s creativity, and innovation that it would not happen unless and until you invest in a conducive good governance environment.

“That is how we tried to do it, and we were under pressure because of where we are coming from & we had to convince ourselves that we can do it and that there no other alternative. We started doing our best. That is how we have made good progress,” he shared.

The two-day forum marks the end of the annual Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme, which this year mentored, trained and seeded over 3,000 young Africans, selected from over 200,000 applicants.



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