Karongi: Ambiguity over pregnancies in Ruganda school


The information from the Biguhu Health Center says that pregnancy test results for a dozen girls from Ruganda high school are positive, and one teenage from the school has already delivered. However, different authorities diverge on the issue: number, causes and measures.

Inside the school, students can even name those who are pregnant. One testifies to Umuseke.rw, “I know five, I am sure because we live together, others are neighbors.”

According to her, two are in S4 MPC (Mathematics-Physics – Geography), two were sent home, and another is in S3.

The information gathered from the various pupils proves a dozen pregnancies at this school. Some students attribute the chaos to school leaders, as patron and matron are both university students in weekend program. So, the discipline is dangling from Friday to Sunday.

Anonymous nurses from Biguhu health center attest that among girls who made a pregnancy test, a dozen were positive.

A Ruganda, “pregnancy” is in the the center of discussions among residents.Mrs. Christine confirms “more than ten cases”, and perpetrators are mainly hairdressers and traders of various products. According to her, “a restaurant waiter impregnated three students”.

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Joseph Higiro, the Director remembers two cases: one in school, another who recently delivered. “Only one is pregnant, another has already delivered. One is impregnanted by a mate, others by residents”, he says.

He said on 405 girl students there, only 100 live in the center, and are daily cared by the school staff.

Lambert Mujyambere, executive secretary of Rubona cell, where the school is located recognizes four pregnant students, including one by the fellow.

“I know about four cases, two have delivered and two others have been sent home”. About perpretors, Mujyambere said “One drouped out schools, and came back pregnant, some are by colleagues, some by outsiders”, mentioning day scholars freedom without care, poverty and lack of regular lunch among causes.

Jean Nepomscene Mwumvaneza, ES Ruganda sector, knows five cases: three sent home and already delivered, and two others still at school. “I got information from a student there, leaders might have lied, but those talking of ten cases also exagerate”.

According to this local authority, the problem relies on hostels in the center, but also thinks of pregnancies during holidays.

The 2014/15 Demographic and Health survey showed that teenage pregnancy rates in Rwanda increased from 6.1 per cent in 2010 to 7.3 per cent in 2015. Last year 2016, MIGEPROF announced alarming 17500 cases of teenage pregnancies.

The Rapid Assesment on Teeanage Pregnacy (CLADHO 2016) revealed factors pushing unwanted pregnancies, and poverty among  families is main cause at 50%. Others are lack of satisfaction (14%), carelessness of parents (13%), sexual and poor knowledge on reproductive health (9%), disputes among families with 5%.

During an assembly of National Women Council in Kigali this weekend, Aurore Umuhoza, the coordinator said, “We want to emphasize to the women about the need to fight the problem of unwanted pregnancies among children. We shall sensitize them, but we shall also draw close to the children to talk to them,” she said.

“There are a big number of children who drop out of school because of this problem, and many times you find that it results from parents who are not caring about their responsibilities to their children,” she added

On behalf of Ministry of Education, a follow up of Ruganda cases and all over the country is planed ahead. Dr Papias Musafiri Malimba told Igihe.com, “We are going to make a follow up to know the truth, and take measures, at Ruganda school and the whole country as well”.

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