Karongi: Coffee growers cry agro-inputs delay


Coffee growers in Karongi district say that the agricultural inputs are delaying for their coffee trees. The district reported the situation to NAEB to deal with the situation.

Alexis Turaturaniwe is a member of coffee grower cooperative and has 1,400 coffee trees in this Karongi district, Bwishyura sector. He says that in this district, agricultural inputs always delay. “Sometimes it is feasible to grow a high-quality coffee at home under the right conditions but agricultural inputs delay for our coffees”.

They also say that when they complain about the situation, the local leaders tell them that agricultural inputs are provided at the same period in all regions of the country but their coffee flowering before the provision.

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“Agricultural inputs delay and sometimes they reach this district during dry season whereas they could be used in a wet season and our coffee flowering before provision, we get it in December during the harvesting period, too late. The NAEB (National Agriculture Exportation Board) orders for the whole country and for all regions of the country”, Alexis adds.

François Ndayisaba, the Mayor of this District, says “That is a crucial problem but we reported the situation to NAEB to help us in solving it. For this, there are two alternatives, one of Chemical inputs and another one of Organic inputs. We are dealing with NAEB to provide them on time”.

He also says that some of coffee growers use only organic fertilizers to increase the quality and quantity of their coffee.

He says “Some of our coffee growers decide to use manure fertilizers only…. Others combine it with chemical fertilizers. If the price of coffee beans is 300frw/kg it decreases to 1,500 frw.  And we are dealing with NAEB in order to bring the agricultural inputs on time”.

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