Kayonza: A medical agent traumatized after bride rejection


– He spent too much including the Pharmacy, the house and cows

-He gave about 22 cows

-He lost his job due to this situation

 A young man from Uganda who was an Occupational Therapist at Gahini Hospital was traumatized and sent to Ndera CARAES. This is due to deception from a girl that he felt in love, who rejected him after the young man has made an effort to build the house of her family.

The neighbors confirm that the girl’s home is comfortable beyond her salary: the house was in adobes Bricks and its now built with baked bricks after they extend it with cement.

He says: “The new Sofa seats were bought and we are sure that the salary of the girl is not enough to do so”

One of the nurses at Gahini hospital added that: “My salary is much more than one of hers, but I don’t own such a house ».

Sources to say this man called Byaruhanga has felt in love with Kamukama; they both work at Gahini hospital and they are nurses. Lately, they plan to marry one another. The girl requested him to build a house for her mother.

Their families were aware, as they introduce themselves reciprocally to plan the marriage. But after they finish the house, the girl betrayed.

The guy in dirty clothes, climbing trees and the flat

After this betray, the Byaruhanga disappeared and left the job and the landlord asked to Gahini hospital where he was and why he left with the keys.

He spent three months in unknown areas. Kamukama was requested to call him in order to help the local leaders and the police. The girl called him and Byaruhanga reappeared as he was deranged mindedly in a dirty and torn clothes. When they demanded him where he was he replied that Kamukama betrayed him and he wanted to be dead rather than alive.

Another eye-witness announced “He used to climbing trees, and going up stairs that flat and hang himself.

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Kamukama denied that the house was built by her boy friend.  After Byaruhanga reappeared, he lived with his colleagues in the hospital hostel but he was no longer at work. He tried to commit suicide in bathroom and was warned to stop.

His Mother, a brother and a sister came to visit him in order to know the situation about his wedding.

One of the nurses reported, “His mother was surprised by that bad news and cried. Police and the local leaders intervened. This incident took place in the Gahini hospital”.

On Friday 1st September, 2017, the hospital decided to transfer him to CARAES Ndera(Neuro Psychiatric Hospital) to be treated.

He added that Kamukama was called more than twice to be investigated and denied her friendship with Byaruhanga, and his link with the house.

He spent too much

Byaruhanga’s Mummy, and relatives left Masaka, Uganda and came to witness reality. They said that their son had a mini-dispensary, a building and cows in Uganda and sold all.

They added that he has given 8 cows for the first introductory ceremony; “Gufata irembo” in kinyarwanda, and 14 cows the second ceremony “Gusaba” in Kinyarwanda the left was the dowry and wedding ceremony.

The news from CARAES Ndera says that their clients are increasing because of social and family problem such as conflicts between the spouses, abuse of trust among the youth.

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Karegeya Jean Baptiste

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