A man running for sex in Kayonza, is caught over stolen cow and pays it immediately. Karimunda (anonymous) is from Nyamirama sector, but is caught at his lover’s in Ruramira sector. While he was enjoying sex, a cow was stolen in the area, and authorities make him to pay it.

Saturday night, Karimunda is caught far from his residence, he is with his woman friend, while the cow is stolen in the locality. Alarms from left and right, people find Karimunda on the way. They ask him the path of the cow. He declines not aware, but people start torturing him as a thief. Afraid of being arrested overnight, Karimunda promises to pay the stolen cow.

Local authorities in Rugendabari cell attest Karimunda himself accepts to pay the cow. “Himself, afraid of threats and detention, he gave his own cow worth of 200.000 Frws, adds 140.000 cash, the remaining 60.000 Frws is exonerated”, they say to R/TV 1. It was solved at village level, even the cell officials are not informed.

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However, people take it as injustice upon Karimunda, as they know him well. An old woman of 70s says she never heard him as a thief. “all the years we spent together, he never steals. We know him on alcohol and sex, but never on robbery”. The cell official promise further investigations to make things clear.


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Jean Baptiste Karegeya


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