The Executive Secretary of Musumba Cell has ordered a village chief to take back the aid which the community granted to a vulnerable woman known as Odette Mukamazimpaka, for the reason reportedly said that he is not a Genocide survivor.

However, residents doubt that the authorities are attempting to embezzle the aid instead.

The scenes took place in Kiyovu Village, Musumba Cell, Nyamirama Sector in Kayonza District but the residents are not understanding why the village chief stopped a vulnerable woman while on her way and took away her stuffs, which she was reportedly granted by the neighboring community.

Her neighbors who were carrying the woman’s stuffs say they were surprised by village chief’s character during the scenes when he wanted to take them away from her.

Before this happened, the community in the village said they wanted to support a Genocide survivor with foodstuffs, cleaning materials and clothes, but because none of them was too poor to be supported, they decided to give the support to Mukamazimpaka.

Mukamazimpaka is a non-Genocide Surviving widow, but she married a Genocide surviving husband though he passed away after years serving Rwanda Defense Forces while Mukamazimpaka is suffering from TB.

 Some of the residents said that they were disappointed with the way their leaders stood against their joint suggestion to support this woman by taking the granted aid away from her without consulting them, as the grant donors.

One told Radio/TV1 that “we discussed in different community meetings to find out a vulnerable resident who we had to support and we all confirmed Vincent’s widow wife. But, see what they are doing as they refused our decision, it’s really a pity”

Another resident also wondered why these leaders didn’t make intercept their suggestion before they decided to support Mukamazimpaka and said, “The authorities were aware we were collecting the support and who it was being collected for. But in the end, they, and even the Cell Executive Secretary, came and took pictures of Mukamazimpaka during the support handover ceremony”

Starting on this, the residents far from believe their leaders and fear they could be tempting to embezzle her stuffs because they are being kept home to the Village chief instead of giving them to the support beneficiary, Mukamazimpaka.

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The Village Chief followed his superior’s order

Kiyovu Village chief,Jean Nepo Nkikabahizi, said he was give order to take the stuffs away from Mukamazimpaka by the cell Executive Secretary Marcel Mwizerwa.

He said, “ The Cell secretary told me to take the stuffs from Mukamazimpaka because she is not a Genocide survivor. I already knew residents in the village selected her for this support because they found no vulnerable Genocide survivor at all and they decide to give it to Mukamazimpaka, as a widow to a Genocide survivor, who was also a former Community policing in the village when he was alive. Her wife is also sick of TB”

On the other hand, Musumba Secretary Mwizerwa admits he gave the order , “ it’s me who gave the order to take the stuffs away from her and keep them as we are planning to talk to Genocide survivors’ representatives in the cell to hear from them whether she deserve them”

An expert in good governance sees Kayonza a controversial and struggling district as branding it a scene of theft, fights, violence against residents and lack of respect to their community groups’ decisions. He said, “How can a Cell executive secretary stand against the community’s meeting decisions as if he was not around when it all happened. How, on the other hand, does a village representative obey the cell secretary’s order without thinking about it?’

Other controversial scenes in Kayonza, theft comes ahead

Nyamirama: Cell secretary Mwizerwa is said to have insulted residents, especially those who he says are against him, that he sees no point in having a close relationship with ordinary people”

Kabarondo: Nshunguyinka Vianney,the chief of one of Gasharu cell’s villages has recently been accused that he is used to asking donation beneficiaries Rwf 2000 corruption per goat.

Mukarange: District employees in charge of education change the marks to job candidates to favor some who are signaled to succeed the exam at all costs.

Gahini: The hospital of Gahini cut payments the employees’s salaries but do not submit the cut money to RSSB/REB, as the hospital are also spoken out to embezzle the hospital’s money while justice is still holding their cases.

Mwili:Rice farmers are asked the corruption before being guaranteed a loan. On the other side, people are said to steal their neighbors’ cattle and take them to the butcheries.

Rukara: Henriet Nyirahabimana is accused of human trafficking by taking young girls out to Uganda

The recent Citizen Report Card (CRC) report conducted by Rwanda Governance Board ( RGB) ranks Kayonza at the top in Eastern Province, in terms of being home to gangs of robbers at 91 per cent.

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